My definition of Evaluation

I understand Evaluation as the “facilitation of a joint reflection process”.

However, I understand my definition may be widened in time, as I gain more evaluation wisdom…

However, I very much agree with UNEG’s new definition of Evaluation:

An evaluation is an assessment, conducted as systematically and impartially as possible, of an activity, project, programme, strategy, policy, topic, theme, sector, operational area or institutional performance.

It analyses the level of achievement of both expected and unexpected results by examining the results chain, processes, contextual factors and causality using appropriate criteria such as relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability.

United Nations Evaluation Group

Norms and Standards for Evaluation (June 2016).

My Evaluation toolkit

These are some of the tools and approaches I have used so far, though I experiment and expand my toolkit with every evaluation I’m involved in:


Of course the 5 DAC criteria are a must in many of the evaluations commissioned nowadays. And although I internally try to find better ways, still most of the time I also wonder about the Relevance, Efficacy, Efficiency, Impact and Sustainability of interventions.

Gender-based approach

I’ve had the chance to doing evaluations and meta-evaluations using Gender-responsive approach, if not yet challenging oppressive cultural beliefs and structural inequities, at least aware of that that is what I should aim to. Still learning lots about these issues.


Theory-based evaluation

With my background in Quality Management and Process Management, it comes natural to me to wonder about the processes that lead to certain results, and I incorporate the analysis of the Theory of Change whenever the evaluation allows.

Outcomes Harvesting

Very interesting methodology that brings new lights to the evaluation results, or at least, new ways of reaching them, which is promising and refreshing.

Thematic areas I've worked in

Livelihoods and Cash interventions

Understanding households incomes and expenditure, and their strategies for coping crisis, exploring markets  and the effect crisis have on them is my background and an area I’m comfortable working in.

Gender equality

Lately I’ve been involved in programs and policies around an area I’m passionate about: understanding the relationships between men and women, the role society and family play in them, and the social structures and traditions that frame them and condition them.

Governance, participation and democracy

Another area I’ve had the chance to introduce myself is interventions promoting Democracy and participation and good Governance.

Capacity building

Another area I’ve had the chance to introduce myself is interventions promoting Democracy and participation and good Governance.

As a summary these are some of the Sustainable Development Goals I have worked in:

What I love about Evaluation

Things I love about evaluation:

What I don’t love that much…

Some moments and memories...