Creativity comes by itself when you want to improve something.  Creativity is asking your brain how to find a new way.  It is like jumping into the unknown… with a pleasant landing.

With evaluative thinking, your own rigorous brain will be your primary tool. And creativity your second. Training your creative side in how to better accomplish rigorous tasks results in a beautiful combination of rigour and creation, which in turn leads to innovative ways of doing things.

We are constantly working with new concepts, such as:

– Visual executive summaries: to present the main messages of any report in a compelling way

– Visual index: to display a document’s table of contents

– Visual organisational charts: to display relationships in an organisation beyond reporting lines

– Visual CVs: to better display a team’s skills and competences

These are examples of innovative ways of doing traditional things.

I work to hoist Innovation as insignia. And, as you can see, data visualization is one of my main innovation tools.

Take a look at a clear example of innovation: The MetaEvaluation Dashboard.