I think Visual CVs are fun 🙂

In my opinion, traditional CVs have a very unremarkable way of representing often super interesting people, as their format hasn’t evolved much in the last couple of decades.

To find my way around it, I choose to use my dear Dataviz features to present myself, so instead of using the standard text-based model, I like to experiment with different ways of displaying the information about my professional trajectory.

Here is the lastest version of my Visual CV

You can download it here CV Sara Vaca 2018-03 in pdf version.

But I have iterated quite a lot in the past

These are some of my former versions

How do you like them?

I know, it is amazing how many different ways of presenting a person’s resumé you can find.

I also realize it is sometimes “risky” to send such a colourful CV. But most of the times I have very positive feedback 😛

And I will most probably iterate again and have a new version in a few months… But this is what I have to share for now!

You care to know more?

Are you a Visual Brain?