This is my website where I share with the world my passion for Data Visualization applied to the field of Evaluation.

My dream would be to contribute to build a new, more useful and used Paradigm of Evaluation.

My contribution: making Evaluation more transparent and innovative through Dataviz.

My areas of work


My main interest is Evaluation. Specifically to answer important questions and to learn how to better improve lives.

Data Visualization

Since I discovered Visual Thinking that leads to Data Visualization, a revolution occurred in my life – and in my work. Dataviz serves Evaluation in many ways.


My main interest is Evaluation, understood as making sense of the world. Specifically working for improving human work to improve lives.

Collaborating with great colleagues

My competences and skills are these, but one of my main strengths is my network of friends-colleagues I often work with in different projects. It is in synergy with them that my best ideas are inspired and that I get involved in building bigger things.

Evaluation is my real passion. I love because it is so difficult – and because I think the world needs it badly.

My second language. Can’t live (or think) without it anymore.

Looking at evaluation (or any other subject) through data visualization helps me think out of the box. And sometimes magic happens.

Partnering is both a need and a joy to learn and contribute.




Years of experience

My areas of interest

  • Evaluation 80% 80%
  • Data Visualization 60% 60%
  • Social Justice 90% 90%
  • New territories like Impact Investing & Big Data 30% 30%
  • Learning, contributing & having fun 100% 100%
Bringing Innovation into Evaluation through Data Visualization

Bringing Innovation into Evaluation through Data Visualization

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