I’m an independent Evaluator, though we could of course discuss about what independent may mean. I’m from Madrid (Spain) and I live in Montech (France) and I work mostly out of Europe.

I See original image experimenting and sharing Data Visualization work and explore the synergies with evaluation. I post them in my portfolio and I write short papers about Evaluation, Dataviz and other stuff.

My breakthrough moment was meeting Joseph Barnes and starting working with ImpactReady. I could say that my favorite evaluation author is Patricia Rogers (followed by Jane Davidson and M.Q.Patton), along with Rick Davies’ always interesting news. I consider myself a Contructivist, and my favorite approach is Realist Evaluation.

I’m active member and speaker of AEA, EES and AproEval and keynote speaker at SAMEA.

🙂 Always up for connecting with interesting people.

Find me at: @VisualBrains or hi@saravaca.com.