Lately I’m thinking about how to improve Executive Summaries.

Nowadays they are often 5-pages summarizing the context and object of the evaluation, the methodology of the research, the main findings and the key recommendations. Which is terribly useful. But I would like to go further and think about what they should contain in order to make them more informative and more visual.

One of the main things I would like to clearly see is the results of the program.

This may be a personal bias. Of course, there are many questions evaluation commissioners may have asked the evaluators, and not every evaluation is worried about impacts and results. But I think I would like to see something like this in every Executive summary:


Executive summary must have


No need to say there is a rubric behind the terms “Improved drastically”, “Slightly improved”, etc. that would vary according to each particular case.

Maybe this turns out to be too simplistic as reduction of the program. But nonetheless, I think at the end of the day it could help evaluators and organizations think in more clear terms about Impact and not ignore unintended effects of interventions…