When I first discovered infographics, I realised that I was a very “visual” person, and that I wanted to be into infographics as something to be present in my life. Since most of people I talked to (mostly Spanish family and friends) were not aware of their existence, I realised I wanted to spread them, or better, I wanted to spread information and knowledge using infographics (and other data visualization techniques).

So I started a modest website, first with my professional SEO cousin, Pablo, and then I hire a small nice company to build my first website. But I didn´t like the result, so I never used it. Now, some months later, I slowly building my new website by myself, with clearer ideas this time, and really communicating what I do and what I can offer.

Anyway, in this small infographics portfolio of mine, I didn`t want to left out my first infographic: the one describing what an infographic is (according to one of my first twitter teachers, Alberto Cairo, and his book The functional art). I hope you like it!

What is an infographic