Catalogue of Likert-Type Scales

by May 14, 2020

This is one of the typical projects I do just for fun.

My evaluator-friend Steve Powell (@stevepowell99) told me he had thought of gathering a catalogue of ways to present scales, so I told him I was in, and we came up with this infographic.

Likert-type scales, also rating scales, is a widely used approach to scaling responses in survey research. Responses are scored along a range, where respondents specify their level of agreement or disagreement on a symmetric agree-disagree scale for a series of statements.

These are the ones we found:

While this may not be a core Evaluation theory element, it certainly sets up values and unveils the way we “value”, so it is directly related.

We hope this is somehow useful – or at least curious to go through! Thanks, Steve 🙂

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