A cheatsheet for Efficiency

by Feb 26, 2020

Those of you who follow me may have noticed that I have plenty of aspects in evaluation I want to further explore and understand in more depth. And of course, once I do it I put together a visual to summarize the learning.

In the 150+ evaluation reports I have meta-evaluated I have seen very few examples of good-quality answers to the questions about the Efficiency of the program. And although this criterium is often not included in the ToR, as an evaluator I haven’t either done a great work analysing these issues in the few occasions I have done it…

So I am particularly happy of finally having found the time to go through the Efficiency DAC criterium, partnering again with Julian King (expert in VFM and related concepts).

So we came up with this cheatsheet to break down Efficiency and clearly present its different levels and layers:

I still think there are remaining aspects I would love to further explore around Efficiency, but at least this cheatsheet provides me a clear guideline to understand what are we talking about. Thanks, Julian!

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