Dashboard for the Gender-responsive approach

by Dec 10, 20150 comments

This post was elaborated for ImpactReady's project "Evalyear.com"

ImpactReady (Joseph) and Sara partnered to celebrate 2015 "Year of Evaluation" with Data Visualizations.


After some months of reflection we have a first version of the Gender Dashboard.

It has to be reviewed, tested and discussed, but here is a start.  We think it is helpful because it unveils what gender-focus means in an evaluation, in just one page.

It is divided in three parts:

  • the central parts covers the basic elements of Gender-responsive evaluation, according to UNEG’s “Human-Right Gender-Responsive Handbook”.
  • the right column assesses all these elements in the evaluation. In the form of a checklist it details all the features or elements that gender-responsive approaches imply.
  • but at the same time, and independently, the left column assesses if the intervention itself was gender-responsive, according to the same criteria.

We think that it is helpful to separate these two aspects when we are evaluating or metaevaluating an evaluation led by the Gender-responsive approach.

This way, there is less confusion regarding what we are talking about when we are discussing this approach in a particular case.

We are expecting to further iterate with it to improve it, so reactions and comments are always welcome!

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