Dashboard of a dream

by Apr 1, 20140 comments

My friend Alicia had this dream: climbing 40 mountains with 40 friends the year she turned 40 (2013). And she did!

She is amazing and passionate so she organized this year-long schedule and called her 40 most favourite people and somehow she managed to meet her goal. Which is quite impressive, since she does many other things and there are only 52 weekends a year…

Anyhow, she and everybody involved had such a wonderful time doing this that she asked me to elaborate an infographic as a souvenir of such a challenge. She basically sent me a simple excel file with information about the 40 peaks: height, location, date, and people who climbed it. So I made this dashboard:

I organized the information by months, ordered the mountains by height, place them in a map and prepared a ranking by peaks, since several friends had repeatedly joined the mountain she was climbing that weekend with somebody else… Since it was not for professional purposes, I let myself go with the aesthetics a bit more than usual, as the objective this time was to have something nice to help the “team” remember the experience… And they loved it, so aim accomplished!

PS. I was meant to be in one of the mountains climbed, but it was not possible, so I’m the anti-peak, after number 40… ;-P

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