Exploring Value For Money (VFM)

by Oct 11, 2019

I am going back and revisiting my original background (Management and Economics), exploring the synergies between economics and evaluation, and taking a deeper dive into the Efficiency criterium, and for that I am having fun collaborating with Julian King, my favorite expert in Value for Money (VFM).

His doctoral research developed and tested a new approach (Evaluation and Value for Money: Development of an approach using explicit evaluative reasoning) to assess value for money, combining evaluative and economic thinking.

It contributes a theoretical foundation and a practical approach for getting clear answers to value for money questions, using our full evaluation toolkits and all relevant evidence at our disposal. His doctoral research is expected to show original work that makes a significant contribution to knowledge.

I did an infographic outlining his contributions to evaluation theory:

If you’d like to find out more about the approach, check out his Value for Investment web page: www.julianking.co.nz/vfi which includes links to resources and blogs. 

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my AEA2019 pre-conference workshop in Minneapolis – but he will be running a VFM workshop with Claire Hutchings (Tuesday, 12 November): https://www.evaluationconference.org/page/program-2019.

More about efficiency and VFM soon!

New posts coming up:

(published every two weeks-ish 🙂 )

  • ToCs series
  • Visual summary of impact designs
  • Visual summaries of other criteria designs
  • Ideas to make Bibliographies more informative
  • Ways of mapping beneficiaries
  • My favorite pre-attentive features
  • Ideas for reports (series)
  • Some day: iterations with the Periodic Table of Evaluation

And more!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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