Factsheets summarizing ToRs

by Feb 20, 2018

As an evaluator, I read many Terms of Reference (document that describes the background and technical specifications of an evaluation to the potential evaluation teams), first, to see if they interest me, and second, to check if I fit the profile.

In order to do that, I start by quickly scanning the document looking for the key issues that are relevant to me, in a first step of the ToR screening process. The ToR documents can be generally from 3-4 to 30-40 pages long, depending on the evaluation and how much information they are providing with.

When I am looking for new project, some days I may read 10-15 ToR in a day. And I thought that it would save me quite some time if ToRs had a first page with that information, as in a factsheet, so I could have a clear overall picture of the evaluation, before going into more detail.

So I created an example, to see how that could look like:

And in case some evaluation commissioners wish to use it as the front sheet of their ToRs, here I share a downloadable template in Powerpoint. Thank you if you do, signed: the evaluators 🙂


PS. I realize the factsheet has much unneeded ink, as many of the visuals I share here. It is simply because I like my blog to be colourful, but if you are going to use it or print it, you can just remove the backgrounds 🙂

New posts coming up:

(published every two weeks-ish 🙂 )

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And more!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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