How charts lie: Alberto Cairo explains it

by Oct 3, 2019

I think the first person that made me discover Data Visualization, back in 2011, was Alberto Cairo via his active twitter account (@AlbertoCairo). 

I remember how his plain language in twitter and his blog helped me understand the basics quite quickly, so my visual thinking muscles could start working out and developing. In fact, my very first infographic, if I can call it that, was inspired by his “His truthful art” explanation of what an infographic (or a visual, or a chart) should be.

I hadn’t seen it in a while, and it is funny to go back to my first infographic 7 years later. Here it is (with some little new make-up):


So I was really pleased when I knew Alberto was publishing a new book called How Charts Lie: Getting Smarter about Visual Information, after his two first successful books The functional art and The truthful art.

Here is a sneak-peak of how Alberto walks you through the logic of how to read graphs.

This is a visual representation of part of Chapter 1 “How charts work”:

I highly recommend to read Alberto’s new book to learn more about Data Visualization, as few people know more and explain it more simply, plus visual literacy becomes more and more important to spot fake news or data or information… Thanks Alberto! 🙂

New posts coming up:

(published every two weeks-ish 🙂 )

  • ToCs series
  • Visual summary of impact designs
  • Visual summaries of other criteria designs
  • Ideas to make Bibliographies more informative
  • Ways of mapping beneficiaries
  • My favorite pre-attentive features
  • Ideas for reports (series)
  • Some day: iterations with the Periodic Table of Evaluation

And more!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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