How do AEA’s TIGs look like?

by Mar 12, 20150 comments

If you are familiar with the American Evaluation Association (AEA) structure, you will know about its Topical Interest Groups (TIGs). TIGs are a major component of the life of AEA members. Each TIG is defined around a special topic or interest to subgroups of AEA. There are more than 50 (you can see the list here), and it is quite overwhelming to go through the many areas that evaluators (AEA members) are interested in.

Last year I had the chance to work with 2014 AEA’s president -Beverly Parsons- in some small assignments to help visualize different aspects of the American Evaluation Association. One of the things we worked on was mapping the TIGs to try to make it easier to learn about the variety of these groups. It was particularly helpful that they had been grouped into 6 different categories: Foundations of evaluation, Context of evaluation, Evaluation design and methodology, Content and topical areas and Diversity in evaluation. However, the groups just classified like this was still not working.

Since the only indicator available was the number of members -it would have been interesting to have data about their activity or even potential outputs-, we used this criteria to map them. First, I did a Treemap in Tableau, where areas represented number of members. And then I inserted some other features to allow exploring.

Later, I also elaborated another version, more suitable to be included in reports and presentations. Again, grouped by the 6 categories, I ranked them by their number of members and added bubbles to give an idea about their size. For TIGs with more than 1,000 members, I labeled the bubble (other bubbles were too small). This is the result:

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