Innovative ways of presenting ToC

by Dec 6, 2016

Last October at the American Evaluation Association conference in Atlanta (Georgia, USA),  Lovely Dhillon (Jodevi Consulting) and I presented to a standing-room only audience the capacity-building session about “Innovative Ways of Presenting Theories of Change.”

We first covered fundamentals of Theory of Change and, building upon those basics, we delved into suggested innovations in form and elements that add complexity, depth and creativity.  The innovations not only allow organizations to have more innovation and choice in the creation of their Theories of Change (ToC) but also allow their TOCs to be more informative.

Here are some of the slides:

We are converting it into a paper, but if you wish to take a look at the presentation, you can download it here.

We hope you like it and let us know (Lovely or me) if there’s anything you would like to share regarding the presentation or to discuss with us 🙂

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