Understanding Lessons Learned

by Feb 11, 2020

Most evaluation ToR and reports ask for/include Lessons Learned.

In my experience as a meta-evaluator, most of the review tools organizations use ask whether this element was present in the report and to assess the quality of them. And I must say: I am often confused about what to look for and expect.

Also as an evaluator, I try to add Lessons Learned to my reports but I face similar challenges wondering if they are solid enough.

That is why I had been meaning to deepen my understanding of them and to do this brief cheatsheet – to remind me some key ideas next time I elaborate or review some. Here it is:

This is a first approximation. Remaining questions would be how are they different from Good Practices, another commonly asked element in ToR (although I am aware that they are controversial), but most importantly how they are different from plain conclusions.

However, thank you to the colleagues who sent resources and helped me throw some light on it when I asked in EVALTALK (Joaquín de la Concha, Leah G. Moses and M.Q. Patton), and hoping to continue understanding this common evaluation output.

Posts coming soon:

(published every two weeks-ish 🙂 )

  • ToCs series
  • Visual summary of impact designs
  • Visual summaries of other criteria designs
  • Ideas to make Bibliographies more informative
  • Ways of mapping beneficiaries
  • My favorite pre-attentive features
  • Ideas for reports (series)
  • Some day: iterations with the Periodic Table of Evaluation

And more!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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