Mixed Methods: the infographic

by Sep 27, 20137 comments


New issue of New Directions for Evaluation on Mixed Methods in evaluation in my hands.

Finally some time to invest in trying to better understand what Mixed Methods approach is all about. So I decided I will read it thoroughly and try to picture some kind of outline. But as usual, I ended up doing a visual one…

As a newcomer to Evaluation and Social sciences (my background is in Economics), I must confess I am a bit confused about this topic. For me, Quantitative is simply about numbers and Qualitative is about stances and nuances. Therefore, an inquiry can be for me both Qualitative and Quantitative, since its questions can be answered both with figures or sentences, for example… On the other hand, coding speeches from a significant number of interviews can produce some statistics… So, I can´t think of any method exclusively Quali or Quanti… In my mind, they are already mixed! ;-S

However, here is what I understood of this interesting issue (to read it with its intended image quality you will maybe need to click on the image and then download it with the right button option “Save image as”):

I would love to know what editors and authors -some of whom I deeply admire- would think about it…  Of course, you are most welcome to leave a comment with your thoughts… Or we can try to discuss it personally if you are going to the AEA conference!

Anyway, and since I’m professionally available (;-P), I will keep on finding inspiration to come up with other visual reflections…!  Thank you for reading and stay tuned!

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