The (first?) circular organisational chart

by Sep 23, 20146 comments

I’ve been exploring lately new fields where visual thinking and dataviz can help us to deeper or faster understand things.

One of these examples are organisational charts.

Traditionally they are visual representations of the areas and departments of an entity, showing the hierarchical relationships among them. They have been visual for a long time, but they have been limiting their representation only to show how the company is “officially” organised, and who is charge of what.

As an example of what a organisational chart can look like in a big organisation could be this:

Traditional org chart

But as much as this is visual, the concept has not evolved for quite some time…

And I wonder:

What if charts could represent more things?

What if we could see the proportional size (headcount) of each of the parts?

Or what if we could see interactions between departments?

That is how I came up with this idea of circular organisational charts. They could help us visualize these two things: proportional sizes of each area and their most common relationships… It could look something like this:


Visual org chart2


Well, you will let me know what you think…

More things coming shortly!


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