Outcomes Harvesting’s 6 steps

by Jul 11, 20160 comments

In May this year I had the chance to conduct my first evaluation using Ricardo Wilson-Grau’s Outcomes Harvesting approach.

This methodology’s main characteristic is that it focuses on Changes, actual changes observed in reality for later track down if those changes have been attributed to the intervention, or at least, if it contributed. Therefore, the evaluation does not focus as much on how the program did regarding the objectives, indicators, etc.

It was a pleasant trip to discover the methodology -punctually assisted by Ricardo, who confirmed the customization I was introducing to adapt the approach to the particular context was correct.

In order to include a brief description of the methodology in the Executive Summary of the report, I created this simple visual that summarizes the 6 steps it entitles:


If you wish to know more about this methodology, you can read Outcomes Harvesting manual.

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