The Participation X-ray

by Oct 7, 20140 comments

Hi everyone!

Like many of you I’m starting to prepare for AEA’s annual conference next week in Denver, where I will be presenting an innovative poster called: “The Meta-evaluation Dashboard” – a Dashboard that helps us unravelling the methodology and decisions made by the evaluators. It is also a valuable tool for Evaluation quality assurance.

I would warmly like to invite you to stop by during the poster session (next Wednesday 15th from 19:00 to 20:30) so you can take a look and we can discuss it and you give me your feedback. But this week I wanted you to take a peek on one of the various elements on the Dashboard.

I call it the Participation Scan.

It was inspired by the many evaluation reports I see which label their methodology as “participatory” or using a participatory approach. But participation has many levels and many layers. I always wonder about how participatory it is in reality. So I decided to create a way to visualise this:

Mapping the main phases of any evaluation on the left axis and the most relevant stakeholders on the other, the result is a matrix where participation can be easily presented. Then we rubric participation levels we could distinguish 4 degrees:

– Low level participation = Consultation – represented in white color

– Medium level participation: Concertation – represented in light grey

– High level participation: Cooperation  – represented in daker grey

– Highest level participation: Responsible  – represented by darkest grey

The result is an easy way to map participation: it shows which stakeholders participated in each of the evaluation stages and to which extend.


If you liked this Participation Scan included in the Meta-evaluation Dashboard I created, remember to look for this poster in Denver. Of course you can also leave a message with your thoughts about it. Thanks in advance :-P.

More coming shortly!


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