Refining Theories of Change

by Apr 18, 2018

In it, we try to explain how we understand and use Theories of Change, and it includes some visual new pieces, like this one that represents the different layers of a Theory of Change:

Another sneak peek would be this tensiometer that includes a rubric on what we consider to be a strong Theory of Change:

I encourage you to read the article if you are interested in the subject (link) – and if you do and you want to share what you think, I would love that! Thanks for visiting 🙂

New posts coming up:

(published every two weeks-ish 🙂 )

  • ToCs series
  • Visual summary of impact designs
  • Visual summaries of other criteria designs
  • Ideas to make Bibliographies more informative
  • Ways of mapping beneficiaries
  • My favorite pre-attentive features
  • Ideas for reports (series)
  • Some day: iterations with the Periodic Table of Evaluation

And more!

Stay tuned! 🙂

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