Mapping of the UN Agencies’ mandates

by Sep 25, 2016

Lately I’ve been working with the UN Fund for the population (UNFPA), and it took me a while to figure out their mandate. They work to improve access to sexual and reproductive rights, to promote gender equity and youth empowerment, among others. After some time, I realized it was because of how multi-target group and multisector this mandate is. Ultimately, inspired by a comment of my UNFPA mentor, Jeremy Freehill, I realize that in fact, the criteria to define the different UN agencies is not consistent: some times it regards to sectors, some times to target groups, others like for UNFPA, not even that.

So I decided to give it a try and visualize in a very rudimentary fashion, what are the mandates of the main UN agencies, regarding target group (columns) and sectors (rows). And this was the result:

Let me know what you think or if there is a way to make it more accurate… 😉

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