Visualizing the Sustainability criterion

by Mar 21, 2018

I’ve been working on ideas about how to represent some Evaluation Criteria visually that could eventually be used in evaluation reports. And one of them is the criterion of Sustainibility, understood as how long are the effects of the program expected to last.

The idea is pretty simple (maybe too simplistic), but I thought that if you can estimate how long each of the changes produced by the intervention are expected to last (and this is a whole different conversation!), it would be relatively easy to visualize it using a Gantt Chart.

In it, we could represent first the effects or changes produced (how long it took each of them to consolidate). And following, a new bar would represent the expected time they will persist once the activities around it come to an end:

Despite its tiny (LOL) limitations (like when can we define that a change has consolidated, where you find data to estimate the life expectancy of changes, etc.), it seems like a pretty simple idea, and maybe a good fit in case you have the data and wish to give it visibility. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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